Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Keindahan Kota Tua Yang Tertunda

The Old City of Batavia
(May 26, 2012)

Once day at The Old City of Batavia..
this is the place where I always exciting to come. and finally after all this time I failed to visit my good friend invite me to go there on Saturday night to accompany her little sister who wants to walk and looking for psychics tarot cards. Yeah in the old city famous with psychics tarot card. Oh how really happy I was there!
The Old City (26-05-2012)
(Foto: Buku Harian Laura)
At that time I was very curious to see how beautiful there , because I often read of the many articles that I have been looking on the internet and a lot of people always saying how beautiful that place. But maybe that day is not my lucky day, because I can't see how beautiful there but I just found the crowds gathered at the area because there was a celebration. I don't know what it was celebration was celebrated.
However since I've already come, then I still stroll down the Fatahilah Museum at the old city. It is unfortunate that so many, but I can still feel the place was quite interesting and historic stories.
In addition to the beauty of the building, I was very interested in the mystical stories in the old city. It's a pity that day the museum closed and I could not get into the Fatahilah and another museum nearby.
And as usual I satisfy euphoria with take pictures (photo session). At that time I wasn't able to take good pictures due to the limitations of the camera and lighting. But is Ok just take picture to remember a moment. I promise in my heart maybe some day I will come again to the old city as possible to one night a quiet or a beautiful morning, and of course it will take better pictures!

And I remember that day as the story ' the beauty of the old city of delayed! '
(special thanks to Pipit, Muti, Luna, P. Verry)

Museum Fatahilah
(Foto: Buku Harian Laura)

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